How horoscope is related to science

In quite a few ways, horoscope or astrology may seem to be related to science. In many aspects of horoscope, scientific knowledge is used, such as the heavenly bodies and scientific sounding tools, for example, star charts. Horoscope is used by people to get to know about their future or predict someone’s personality. Some people really rely on daily horoscope, for example, there are people out there who will not step out of their house if their horoscope told them to. Isn’t that crazy? There are two types of people in this case, a person who thinks horoscopes are useless and the ones who swear upon them and tell you how they have worked for them in the past.

So the question that arises is, is horoscope a scientific way of answering questions of life?

1.The natural world is the focal point for horoscope

Horoscopes are generated by astrological principles. They believe that the heavenly bodies, for example, the sun, moon, planets and the stars, effect the events taking place on the Earth.

2.Does horoscope explain the astrological world?

There are a number of rules used in the world of astrology that are used in order to explain the events that take place on the Earth and to describe an individual’s personality, all this is done with the help of indicating the relative position and the motion of the heavenly bodies. For instance, astrology have proved that an individual born just after the spring equinox is most likely to become an entrepreneur in the future.

3.Is horoscope testable?

Most of the stuff predicted my astrological means are usually general and don not always prove to be accurate. If seen this way, horoscope is not testable. There are other ways in which astrology has been used to produce accurate assumptions which can be approved too. For instance, horoscope tells you the individual’s ability to lead and gain respect. As these qualities are important when it comes to politics, the selection of scientists might be according to how astrology explains a zodiac sign being the most suitable for this purpose. If seen this way, you can say horoscope is indeed testable.

4.Does horoscope provide evidence?

Usually when scientists provide a hypothesis they start to prove it by performing different experiments and if the hypothesis is proved to be wrong in the end they just reject it. They will start working on another hypothesis and so on. On the contrary, astrologist will not give up on their ideas even though contradictory evidence have always been somewhere around their beliefs.

5.Do astrologers examine their ideas?

Unlike scientists, astrologers usually do not bother to prove their ideas scientifically. Their have been rare times when astrologers actually stood up to collect evidences to what they believe is true, and even when they do, they do not seem to be doing that fairly. Moreover, astrologers do not like to accept evidences against their ideas.