Best universities in Australia to study

When we think to study in abroad we must consider Australia on the top Place. It is revealed to everyone that why Australia is the best place to study. It is very famous places due to its sandy areas, large no of natural islands and a legendary creature. Some creatures are so dangerous than they can kill you very easily. Another factor is the very wide lands.

Australia have earned a lot of reputation in the field of study. As America and Uk have a great university reputation, Australia also comes amongst the top 20 famous countries. Every year many of Australian universities gives admission to many of international students. Some of the Famous Australians universities names area given below.

  1. Australian National University

Australian National university is one of the best universities in the world. It comes on the 27th number in 2019, according to the international ranking of a universities. This university is situated in the Canberra, while Canberra is also a capital of the Australia. Australian National university is only the university in the Australia that is crated by the Government of the Australia.

  1. New Castle university

University of new Castle Is also one of very famous universities in the world. It comes on 219th Number according to the international ranking survey. It has a six branches all over the Australia while the Main campus of the university of new castle is located in a Callaghan suburb. One campus of this university is located in Singapore also. It has 26000 students in all of his campuses.

  1. UQ

UQ is abbreviation of University of a Queensland. It is one of the most famous universities in the world. It got 48th Rank in the ranking survey of an international universities. University of Queensland is located in a Brisbane. It is also a vast research center for a different deadly diseases like a cancer. Many scientists are working here to invent a new ideas.

  1. University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne has a great reputation amongst the international universities. It comes on the top 20 ranking according to survey of ranking of international universities. This university is mainly settled in 1953 in Melbourne. More than 20000 students are studying here. It has also a large number of research centers. This university annually pay about $850m.

  1. The University of New South Wales

University of New South Wales is one of the best universities in the World. It is established in Kensington, Australia in 1949. It is ranked to 45th number according to the survey of International Ranking Universities. Many experienced scientists are doing researches on the current issues of infected disease. The management of the University is determined to make the University of New South Wales to the top number 1 University of Australia.

  1. University of Sydney

If we talk about the oldest universities in Australia we must consider the university of Sydney`s name in it. It is established in 1835, located in Sydney. It offer variety of degrees. It is ranked on 42 number according to survey of ranking in International Universities. It is the Australian number 1 university according to employment of their student and on number 4 all over the world.