3 Best Offline Android Games That You Can Play Without an Internet Connection

If you want to have fun then what’s better than playing games to kill the time. You can fire up offline android games using smartphones at anyplace and anytime. Google play store is the favorite destination of all game lovers where you can download the game of every category imaginable. You can find thousands of games on Google Play store but a lot of games require strong internet connectivity which is useless when having no stable network connection around.

These games also crowded by infuriating advertisements that disrupt the overall gaming experience. If you have to kill some time but you have no internet connectivity then the best option you can choose is the Offline Android Games. But a lot of people don’t know which games are the best offline Android games? Here you can discover the best offline games for Android that you can not only play without internet access but also give you tranquil feel while playing.

 Big Little Farmer:

You can build your own farm; develop produce crops with this causal android game named Big Little Farmer. It is considered the best offline game for Android available on Google Play store. It will give you an experience of the life of the farmer with the embellishment of the countryside. This game is not about running and fighting through the game whereas it allows you to run your own farm business including dairy and bakery products.

All you need to sell your dairy or bakery products by a truck, complete orders and make yourself affluent as you advance in the game. It sounds easy but it’s not as simple as you think. You need to work hard to improve your farm and be wealthy. This game will give you an overall experience of a farmer’s life and relish seeing your agriculture kingdom grow.

Special Forces Group 2

If you are an aficionado of First Person Shooter games then you will definitely love this game named Special Forces Group 2. It is an action game that will give you 3D Person Shooter experience in real time. You can play this game with multiple players also. It has 5 modes and gives weapons to win the game including pistols, shotguns, and submachine. It is considered one of the best offline Android games that are fast paced too.


Its name says it all. This is a quiz game which you can play without internet access. You need to answers the simple questions and you get a score against your right answer. Quizoid is divided into 6 levels with 7000 questions. If you are a quiz lover then it’s a right time to download this game in your smartphone.

You can also play this game with your friends at parties or get together. This game has 3 modes and seventeen categories and numerous clues to help you to play the game. Its pro version gives you additional 3K question including Arts and Literature, Mathematics, Mythology, Celebrities, Religion and many more.


Our list features the best offline Android games including casual, action and trivia games that is the ultimate choice for any game lover.