5 tourists destination in Morocco

Morocco is an unbelievable, incredible and wondrous country filled with hidden treasures. It is a state attractive enough for the tourists to visit and enjoy their time here. Morocco has an eye-opening exotic taste containing conjurers and snake charmers out there. There are marvelous markets piled high with gems and stuff. Mint tea is one of the famous specialties of Morocco. Going to Morocco implies having an adventure into the most amazing view of North Africa, with rocky heights of the Atlas Mountains and the desert out there.

When you enter this state, you enter into a serene and eternal world of villages along the seaside. Towns, clinging to the hillsides, are colorfully painted. Morocco is a fascinating mixture of the Arab and African worlds, inclined towards old-age traditions and customs. The state has been renowned for its writers and artists since decades, and will continue to enchant and amaze all its visitors. Following are the five main tourist destinations of Morocco.

  1. Oudaias Kasbah:

Though the country has many amazing old towns but this specific neighborhood is one of Morocco’s scenic sites. It is serene, quiet and peaceful. It is a perfect district that seems at a distance from the city, though it is located right in the heart of the city. The old fortress has lanes of blue and white houses inside the walls. The houses are rimmed by colorful flowerpots creating an environment that’s not easy to beat.

  1. Marrakesh Medina:

It is one of the main tourist attractions for the visitors as it creates a vibrant and a bustling buzz. In the evening, the place is filled with random acrobats, stall vendors, snake charmers, and traditional musicians. You come across a shopkeeper hustle and alleyways that are maze-like once you enter the Medina.

  1. Chefchaouen:

Located among the pretty Rif Mountains, there’s a beautiful labyrinth of blue mountains that possesses an amazingly photogenic spark. It’s an easygoing and a peaceful town where one can recharge and refresh oneself walking around the whole town. It is also a trekking and a hiking place.

  1. Dades Valley:

The nature lovers, trekkers, and hikers must not miss visiting this landscape of Morocco. In the distance, there are mountains of High Atlas covered in snow. There are markets of Fes and Marrakesh that serve as the perfect remedy for the people. There are incomparable chances of bird-spotting, options for a great walk at daytime, and sceneries of lush and green fields before you at Dades Valley.

  1. Erg Chebbi:

The rippling and grand sand dunes of the Erg Chebbi located in the eastern Sahara region of Morocco serve as one of the attractions for the tourists. It’s a good exploring site for those who seek adventure of the desert action.

Along with the above mentioned tourist destinations, there are many places and sites in Morocco that are amazingly beautiful, incredible, and worth visiting for the tourists. The travelers and tourist must check out these places.