5 best game streaming devices


The market is filled with media streaming devices. These devices allows the users to play music, movies, games and randomly search on the internet. Majority of these devices are good at some specific things but there are only few that have a grip on all of the aspects such as media streaming, great processing speed, user friendly and gaming. Gaming is the main thing which distinguishes between the best streaming devices from other devices. Following are the 5 best game streaming devices in the market.

1.     PlayStation 4 / Xbox One :

Both of these devices are the ones which integrates hard core gaming and casual gaming. The reason they both are at the same spot is that Sony and Microsoft have done a great job in maintaining the rivalry by introducing outstanding features into their consoles. Both of them covers all the games except a few special ones which typically designed specifically for either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. These consoles comes with powerful processors and memory due to which they can allow users to play and stream games for long hours consecutively.

2.     Nvidia Shield:

This device is also for casual gamers but they allow their users to have a full gaming experience by providing them a gaming controller with in the box. Just like the other devices you can easily cast your games on to the TV. It has an extensive gaming library for the users.

3.     Amazon Fire TV:

Introduced by Amazon, the device is known to be best for casual gaming. Amazon Fire TV is going strong with registering many old games of every genre which have been famous in the 90s and 2000s. The types of games are really fun to play. Amazon Fire TV is also introducing latest games by extensively upgrading their gaming library every year.

4.     Apple TV:

Another device introduced by Apple which has done a great job in the market. It has an extensive gaming library due to which many people became fans of it. It is best for the casual gamers who are just looking for some fun titles to stream in this device. Just like the Chromecast, Apple TV also allows the users to use the feature of airplay which lets you to shift from your mobile phone to a TV. For example, users can play ‘Clash of Clans’ on their TV, which they usually play on their smart phone.

5.     Chromecast:

Chromecast developed by Google has been working on it for many years. The company has did enough which made this device in the top list of the best gaming devices. The device has good overall features which includes good processing power, a great portable design which can easily be connected with the TV. User has to navigate through the Chromecast app from his mobile phone or tablet. The gaming library is limited in this device but Google is claiming that they are working on an upgrade version of it which will be better.