Spy thriller Fear Effect Sedna release next month, 18 years after original

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Nearly two decades after the franchise’s debu, a new Fear Effect game is nearly here. Square Enix announced today that Fear Effect Sedna will release on March 6.

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Square Enix and Developers Sushee describe the game as “an entirely new chapter” in the Fear Effect series. Co-written by the original series’ writer, the game follows four familiar faces – in the form of Hana, Rain, Glas, and Deke, as well as newcomer Axel – into isometric action puzzler centered around Inuit mythology.

The game’s combat will include a paused tactical mode to let you get the most use out of each characters’ unique weapons. The trailer, which you can watch above, shows off some of that combat, as well as some beautifully animated cutscenes.

Sushee are also working on Fear Effect Reinvented, a remaster of the original game. Both Sedna and Reinvented will be available on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, with Reinvented arriving sometime in 2018.

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