I have a question on the topic of advertising

Hello dear team of Systemcheats,

I think your website is very good! I enjoy hacking and would like to support you and your business. I already have some experience with Youtube, which gives me the potential to run a good Youtube channel. Would it be possible for me to publish video about Systemcheat or upload gameplay with hacks? I already have a few games, but I do not have the right hacks. If you wish, we could make a small deal. You provide me with the hacks for a month for Bo3, in return I will actively upload video from [REDACTED]. About me: I’m Lukas, 15 years old and enjoy playing on Computer! I would like to support you and possibly become a promoter of yours. I do not ask for money at all!

PS : Although I am from Germany, however, I speak a good deal of English!

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