Dandara First Impressions

Dandara is a unique 2D Metroidvania platformer that uses movement in a way that I haven’t really experienced before. You play as the heroine Dandara who is tasked with saving the world of Salt when it is corrupted and attacked by the Eldarian Army. As you explore, you’ll be given more lore from the various NPCs found throughout the world.

In my opinion, the game’s most attention-grabbing aspect is its creative gameplay. There is no side to side movement of any kind. Instead, Dandara traverses the Salt by defying gravity as she jumps from walls, ceilings and floors. She also has the ability to dispose of enemies using a medium-range blast, and, as you’d expect from a Metroidvania, Dandara gains new skills that allow her to open pathways to new areas as you progress through the story. Using these skills in tandem with Dandara’s gravity-defying movement is where the game’s challenge lies.

If that caught your attention, check out my first impressions below to find out more.

Dandara is available now.

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