Best Gaming Motherboard

There are myriad options to consider when you’re picking the best motherboard for gaming. The most important choice, however, is whether you’re opting for an Intel or AMD processor as the beating heart of your rig. Last year team red launched the AMD Ryzen CPU platform, along with a whole new line of AM4 motherboards, making the choice a lot tougher.

We’ve covered the best AMD gaming motherboards in another guide and, because Intel can still just about claim the absolute best gaming performance from their platform, we’re focusing on the different Intel options here.

And it’s been a busy ol’ time for the chip giant, with the 200-series boards for Kaby Lake launching in January last year and the Z370 chipset for the Intel Coffee Lake CPUs launching last October. We’ve also had high-end X299 motherboards launched too, adding more options to the list.

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