Abandon Ship set to hoist its mainsails and depart Early Access

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After a brief stint in the shipyards of Steam’s Early Access, Abandon Ship will head for open waters February 21. There’s a brand new trailer out now to mark the imminent launch.

Take command with one of our favorite simulation games on PC.

Inspired by the naval oil paintings of Willem Velde and James Wilson Carmichael, Abandon Ship bills itself as blending the ship management of FTL with the action of the film Master and Commander: Far Side of the World. There’s more to deal with than mutiny and privateers, though – the uncharted seas contain many terrors, and one scene in the trailer shows a ship fending off the tentacles of a gigantic kraken.

Abandon Ship was developed by Fireblade Software, and will go on sale on Steam with a 15% discount at launch.

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